The Governing Body

School governors have overall responsibility for the school and within that particular responsibilities to promote high standards of education and the welfare of pupils.

All governors share exactly the same powers and major goals which are to safeguard the quality of teaching and learning provided by the federation; to raise standards of achievement and attainment for the pupils and the staff; and to be accountable to the local community for the school’s effectiveness.


Governors of Ffairfach and Talley Federation

Mrs Donna Williams (Cadeirydd / Chair) 

Mr Huw Pritchard (Is-Gadeirydd / Vice Chair) 


Cyngh / Cllr Delyth Beynon 

Cyngh. / Cllr Joseph Davies 

Mrs Ivy Denham 

Mrs Catrin Duncan 

Mr Nick Gale 

Mrs Claire Haggerty 

Mrs Allison James 

Mrs Eleanor Jones 

Mrs Sarah Jones 

Mrs Doreen Martin 

Mrs Alison Morgan 

Mr Gethin Richards 

Mrs Diana Roberts 

Mrs Sheila Speak 

Mrs Laura Thomas 

Mr Simon Williams 


Clerc / Clerk – Mrs Lynwen Davies / Mrs Yvonne Jones 


Cwrt Henri Governors


Mrs Siân Collins (Cadeirydd / Chair) 

Mr Alun Jones (Is Gadeirydd / Vice Chair) 


Mrs Lynda Evans 

Miss Angharad Griffiths 

Cyngh. / Cllr Mansel Griffiths 

Mrs Beryl Jones 

Ms Helen Pugh 

Mrs Helen Rice 

Mr Gethin Richards 

Miss Emma Riley 


Clerc / Clerk – Mrs Susan Childs